Best DSA course which suits your needs

Many courses on Data Structure and Algorithms (DSA) exists online. It is very confusing Which one to choose for learning it. Even I ended up enrolling into more than 4 courses on DSA on various platforms. I do not want you guys to fell into that trap.

Dont, worry. I have sorted everything as per your need. First of all clear your mind with below points

  1. Which Language do you want to learn DSA in? - Recommended C++ >> Python >> Java/C

  2. Type of classes. whether you want to learn from "online live classes", "pre-recorded lectures" or "offline".

  3. How much money can you afford for these courses? I have listed good and affordable courses for you.

List of good courses and their details.

  1. GeeksforGeeks

The DSA course of G4G is pre-recorded lectures available at very affordable price. It is good for understanding the theory of DSA very well.

  1. Coding-Blocks

If you want to start from very basic and you want to practice the standard questions along with lectures then this is the best course. I have personally bought this course. It is affordable as well.

They also offer live online classes and offline classes at Pitampura (Delhi). It is obvious that it will cost you more in this case.

  1. Coding-Ninjas

They have very skilled instructor, Jain sir. It is known for its live classes. You can surely enroll into their course if you can afford. Still, Coding-Ninjas is similar to Coding-Blocks.

  1. Coursera

Coursera is world renown platform where the intellectual professor teaches the courses thoroughly.

Algorithm course is very nice. There are two part of it. If you want to learn very conceptually then this is good choice for you.

Do not worry about pricing. Soon, I will write a blog about Financial Aid where you get the free access to full course on coursera.

  1. YouTube Channels

Well, There are tons of YT channels teaches DSA. I am listing them below in decreasing order of popularity and qaulity.

Guys there exists tons of premium level course which cost you a lot like Scaler, AlgoExpert etc..

Write in comment if you have experience any good course or tutorial for Data Structure and Algorithm.