Power BI vs Python for Data Analysis ? When to use Which ?

Power BI vs Python for Data Analysis ? When to use Which ?

There are many business problems where we need Data Analysis. The corporate world need Data Analysis for sales analysis, Market Analysis for better product reach, Customer Analysis etc..

managers and executives have nothing to do with which tools the analysts use for analysis and visualization. But, still there are certain recommendations based on the need mentioned below.

  • If you need interactive dashboard to present the basic analysis then Power BI is the best choice.

  • If there is need of collaboration in the team where people from different departments have to put their insights and valued then Power BI is good choice. Additionaly, PowerBI does not require any strong skill because it can be easily adapted by person of any background.

  • While, if your data is huge and messy which require good amount of skill in Wrangling and manipulation, or if the lots of time is require in understanding the data and to preprocess it then Python would be the best choice.

Don't restrict to any single tool

We should learn to add more skills to it by learning to use multiple tools. So my wise advice is to learn both. Horizontal scaling in this would result in more fruitful outcomes. For exmple, I would use Python for understanding and cleanig the data and then use Power BI for Visualization and interactive dashboard for presentation. If your data have any future need of implementing any domain based complex models or machine learning algorithm then we can used python back.

Choice is yours. Start learning it.

If you need right courses, material or guidance in this then please comment here.

Thank You. You completed the whole article. Hope is has add useful advice and values for in your career.